Why Rotary?




Quality Interactions

  • Simple networking turns into trusting friendships when you continually work with the same group for a greater purpose.
  • Since the core of Rotary is service, members share similar values and ethics.
  • Professionals from many different industries come together to share their expertise and skills.
  • Learn from other members, featured speakers, and new experiences.

Convenient to Commit

  • Monday evening meetings in the Nashua area easily fit into busy schedules.
  • Three formal meetings held each month.
  • Your efforts reflect your commitment. If you can’t always physically be at meetings, your engagement in the Club counts as attendance.
  • Committee meetings are casual and flexible gatherings and/or calls.
  • You choose your commitments. Involvement in committees, fundraising events, and service projects are on a volunteer basis.

Personal Satisfaction

  • Use your personal strengths and talents to give back and make an impact.
  • Have confidence in those surrounding you.
  • Form business relationships organically through the trust, confidence, and fellowships formed.
  • Use your entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking to help build a new organization from the foundation up.
  • Know you are a part of something great.